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Module 1 – Qualifying Opportunities

Implement a proven Opportunity qualification process to identify and eliminate low-probability Opportunities and maximize your chances of success.

Opportunity Qualification

  • What is Opportunity Qualification?
  • The Fundamentals of Qualifying Opportunities
  • The Costs of Pursuing Low-probability Opportunities
  • How Not to Qualify Opportunities
  • The 10 Second Qualification Process
  • What to Do if It’s a “No Bid”


10-sec10 Second Qualification Process
It all begins here. An easy-to-use Opportunity qualification process cheat sheet to help you and your team focus your time and effort on the best Opportunities.

Module 2 – Value Propositions & Pricing Strategy

Build an unbeatable value proposition and utilize the advanced pricing strategies that can make or break a tender or proposal.

Value Propositions

  • What is a Value Proposition?
  • How to Build an Unbeatable Value Proposition – Step 1
  • How to Build an Unbeatable Value Proposition – Step 2
  • How to Build an Unbeatable Value Proposition – Step 3
  • But Wait…It’s Still Just a Draft Value Proposition

Pricing Strategy

  • How Important is Price?
  • Ten Fee Approaches for SMEs
  • Advanced Pricing Strategy #1 – Multiple Simultaneous Offers
  • Advanced Pricing Strategy #2 – Value-based Pricing


value-builderValue Proposition Builder
Your shortcut to consistently developing winning value propositions.
Just fill in the blanks!

Module 3 – Tender Planning & Persuasive Writing

Map out your entire tender solution before you even begin writing and utilize persuasive writing techniques to clearly convey a winning solution to your Target.

Tender Planning

  • Why Tendering is So Much More Than Just Tenders?
  • No Tender Plan, No Success
  • How to Use the Tender Plan Template
  • How to Execute Your Tender Plan

Persuasive Writing

  • How to Use the Funnel Approach
  • The Secret to Writing Persuasive Content
  • How to Use the Tender Response Template
  • How to Write a Cover Letter that Gets Noticed
  • How to Write the Perfect Executive Summary
  • The “Must Have” Sections Missing From Your Tender


tender-plan-templateTender Plan Template
Professionally project manage your tender with this easy-to-use tender plan template. Lots of content, many different contributors and short on time? No problem.

tender-response-templateTender Response Template
A slick looking Word template with preformatted font styles so you can get straight down to business.

Module 4 – Pre-tender Positioning & Post-tender Analysis

Position yourself for success before the Tender Request Documents are even released and analyze your submission results to continually improve.

Pre-tender Positioning

  • What is an Opportunity Register?
  • How to Use the Opportunity Register
  • The Eight Essential Questions for Non-incumbent Providers
  • Know the Tender Documents Inside Out
  • The Five Sections That Compose Tender Request Documents

Post-tender Analysis

  • What is a Submission Register?
  • How to Use the Submission Register
  • Don’t Need a Tender Debrief? Think Again.


oppo-regOpportunity Register
Stay on top of your existing contracts’ expiration dates and see your new Target client Opportunities coming up well in advance.

sub-regSubmission Register
Track all your submissions and automatically calculate your win rate and capture ratio.


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    • Lifetime access (all learning modules & downloadable tender tools)
    • Lifetime updates
    • SME Tender Machine e-book
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    • Tender Health Check



$100 US


  • Lesson content from all SME Tender Machine modules (excludes tender tools)


$300 US


  • A complete review of your recent or “in progress” tender or proposal
  • Our “Tender Health Check” report assesses each of the key components of your submission and provides proposed improvement actions where required


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  • An exclusive webinar masterclass with one of our tendering experts (45 min)
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